Rowing's third varsity eight tops Assumption in NEWMAC tuneup

RJB Sports file photo
RJB Sports file photo

SHREWSBURY, Mass. -- The Mount Holyoke College rowing team tuned up for next week's NEWMAC Championships on Saturday with races against Assumption College and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on Lake Quinsigamond, highlighted by a win for the Lyons' third varsity eight.

Mount Holyoke's third varsity eight (W3V8) began Saturday morning's racing with a head-to-head win against Assumption, 8:24.55 to 8:28.15 over 2,000 meters.

The Lyons' WV8 and W2V8 both raced head-to-head against conference rival Coast Guard, with the Bears edging the Lyons in both races. Mount Holyoke's W2V8 lost 7:49.4 to 7:41.7 to Coast Guard, followed by the Lyons' WV8 crossing the finish line in 7:20.86, 7.90 seconds behind Coast Guard (7:12.96).

"After today's racing we are one step closer to being ready for NEWMACs next week!" said head coach Cara Murphy.

The NEWMAC Rowing Championships take place at Lake Quinsigamond on April 29, starting at 8:30am.

Mount Holyoke Boat Lineups:
1V - Bow: Meghan French; 2: Liv Romanowsky; 3: Jocelyn Greer; 4: Jill Slatch; 5: Piper LaPointe; 6: Gwyn Munroe 7: Emma Waldron; Stroke: Lilla Carroll; Cox: Tobin Mayo-Kiely.

2V - Bow: Caroline Odlin-Brewer; 2: Avni Vallab; 3: Piper Davidson; 4: Elsa Kulatunga; 5: Ava Rawlings; 6: Leyla Guven; 7: Annika Smart; Stroke: Mack Windus; Cox: Jennifer Butler.
3V: Bow: Emmy McCormack; 2: Dina Markovich-Koyfman 3: Katherine Zuliy; 4: Abby Files; 5: Holly Wrampelmeier; 6: Maire Kettner; 7: Evelyn Griffin; Stroke: Clay Halpern; Cox: Sarah Plotkin