Mount Holyoke College Community Boathouse

Community Boathouse Opening Photo Gallery | Video

Situated along the Connecticut River on 8.5 acres of College-owned land, the Mount Holyoke Community Boathouse was officially unveiled in the spring of 2010. In addition to housing the Mount Holyoke crew team, the $2.1 million facility also gives community members access to the Connecticut River. The 4,750 square foot, single-story, barn-style building contains boat storage, two small bathrooms and an area for warming up and stretching. The facility will provide training support for the Care Center of Holyoke's "Rowing Strong, Rowing Together" program, a nationally recognized organization for teenage mothers that includes teams from New Haven, Hartford and Boston. The Greater South Hadley Youth Rowing has been piloted and will be implemented with a new facility. Other programs that will be piloted in the summer of 2010 include Adaptive Rowing, a program for the differently-abled, and Community Rowing for Adults. The Community Boathouse also provides South Hadley Fire District #2 and the South Hadley Police Department with access to the Connecticut River.


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